This video discusses the differences between long term and short term mentality and how the latter will prevent you from ever owning a long term sustainable business. Though Jordan is mainly talking to wholesalers here, we think that everyone who invests in real estate should listen in on how they can change their mindset and become more successful.

Jordan starts out by saying that the mindset of a business owner or CEO is radically different than the wholesalers he meets in his industry.

Business owners have goals. They have quarterly meetings to track their progress, they see the bigger picture and try to organize their business and workplace to be more sustainable. He says typically the wholesalers he meets have a short term mentality. They are thinking of the fat check they can make right now, and they don’t spend much time thinking about how to keep that income going long term.

The key difference between this business owner mentality vs short term mentality, is the idea of a servants mentality. If you treat every single person you encounter as a servant, what you get back is even greater. If your number one goal is to help people, then the people that you do help will spread your reputation as a good business owner.

Understand that the choice is transactional vs relational. Are you investing in relationships or are you just seeking that next paycheck? Jordan has set up systems so that even if he isn’t making money on a deal, he is providing value to those he comes in contact with. He serves them, even if it doesn’t help him in the short term, because he knows that one good review can reach a lot of people, and one BAD review can reach even more.

What kind of business mindset do you have? Do you have a short term mindset and are focused on yourself and that next check? Or are you focused on helping others no matter what?

Listen on for more on how to recognize those short term mentality behaviors and start helping more people and ultimately get free – which is what we all really want.

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