You already know that building passive income is the key to financial freedom. Todd and Jordan discuss cash flow vs lump sums and how to build wealth long term.

Lump sums are a one-time payment you receive from either selling something or doing hard work for a period of time. Residual income, cash flow, is money that comes in every month regardless of how much time you spend. Think of things like a mortgage or rent. It has to get paid every month, and typically the person you pay rent to didn’t have to do any work to get that month to get that payment.

Lump sums, like the checks you get when wholesaling, are sexy. Holding a big fat check in your hands is amazing. In the beginning, lump sums are very sexy. But the problem with lump sums is that one week later, you don’t have such a fat check anymore, but you do have the same bills. You have to continually find the next deal in order to find that money again.

Which is why we teach cash flow and passive income to help build your wealth on a long-term goal. Todd and Jordan think that the reason we struggle with cash flow vs lump sums is that cash flow checks typically don’t have as many zeroes on the end, and that is less satisfying than that big check we all think about.

Another big problem with chasing lump sums is that typically we use that big check to pay for things we have pushed to the back burner. Then the money is gone, quicker than we would like, and we have to work hard again to get more money. If we stop working, the money stops coming in.

When it comes to cash flow vs lump sum, the Kingdom Real Estate teaches you how to make the mindset shift so that you can get out of the rat race and start making strides towards financial freedom.

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