This episode of The Kingdom Podcast by co-founders of The Kingdom Real Estate Todd Fleming and Jordan Stanley Payne goes into why you should hire a mentor. Nearly every successful business owner has one, and we think you should too.

Here they discuss why coaching and mentoring is so important, why all the pros have one, and why you should too if you want to get to the next level.

Even people who we think are already killing it, those who are ultra-successful, have at least one mentor on their team. We think that this directly reflects to their desire of moving up and getting better.

Every single sports team has a coach, and that is not by accident. It is something that we have come to expect, except when it comes to our own lives. Jordan and Todd go into how they each learned that the decision to hire a mentor was crucial in their journey to financial freedom.

Todd started his real estate career by wholesaling (which is 100% legal BTW), he said he had no one what he was doing, and to top it all off, he was broke. Lucky for him, he was blessed with an amazing mentor who took him under his wing and coached him through his first deals. He said that his coach gave him all the tools he needed to make it happen, and pushed him to get it done without doing all the work for him.

This one coach who was a complete God-send to him made Todd realize that this is the exact reason why people have coaches. Wealth is a team sport, and when you band together with people who have knowledge and experience that they are willing to pass onto you, you are able to create success and share it.

Jordan goes on to say that your own abilities will only get you so far. Depending on where you’re at in life, it is so beneficial to have people who are at a higher level than you who can help you level up.

Whether you’re just getting started in real estate or are feeling more like an experienced pro, it is crucial to have a coach who has been where you are and has succeeded, so that you are consistently upping your game.

This is especially crucial when dealing with investors and private money. Building confidence and trust comes with time, so work with those who have already put that time and work in. Surrounding yourself with successful people is the first time in creating success for yourself.

Keep listening as Todd and Jordan go in depth into why they think you should hire a mentor as soon as possible.

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      Great content guys thank you! There’s always so much value in listening to these!

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