Up until this point, The Kingdom Real Estate Podcast has been building a foundation of mindset, personal development, learning how to start and grow a business, and more. In this episode, Todd and Jordan dive right into real estate investing tips, and they discuss some different strategies within the industry. They even opened up a live Q&A to help members get a little extra guidance on their paths to financial freedom.

To kick off the episode, Todd goes over one of his deals and give us some real estate investing tips that he has used in his own business career. He starts by saying he wanted to talk about how he set out to teach people that you can make 20 to 30 grand on a house that is at maximum, only worth 20 to 30 grand.

The way he goes about doing that is by buying properties at extreme discounts (fixing it up a little bit if necessary) and then selling it with a down payment and accepting monthly payments on top of that. In time, with interest included, he ends up making more than what the house is actually worth in the long run.

Todd goes on to explain that this is how he personally became financially free and he even wrote a book on this very topic, outlining the details of the process. His goal is to show people how to become financially free with absolutely no money of their own, so that anyone, no matter their situation in life, could learn how to do it without any excuses.

Keep listening for details about Todd’s deal that started with a simple Craigslist ad that was answered within 3 days, and helped him make a great deal in less than no time with none of his own money. Both he and Jordan recorded this live so that they could answer questions and help you understand practical real estate investing tips that could launch your success as an investor.

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