Todd Fleming brings in Andrew Goodman on The Kingdom Real Estate podcast to discuss why your current social media marketing for real estate might be lacking.

You already know Todd Fleming as a co-founder of The Kingdom Real Estate and an expert on real estate and wholesaling. He is a successful business owner and teacher and helps others learn how to become financially free.

Andrew Goodman from Secret Entourage is a professional marketer helping small to midsize businesses generate traffic leads and attention on social media through different strategies like paid advertising, content, and more.

The beginning episodes of The Kingdom Podcast is more based on mindset and structure, but this episode is more specific to your business. If you’ve been listening to our podcasts, at this point you will be ready to start honing your skills for social media marketing for real estate.

Todd and Andrew discuss how to use Facebook as a great tool to learn about people and use it’s data to your advantage. Find buyers, locate sellers, etc., Facebook and social media data is all about commerce, and investors can use that to target their marketing.

A main factor to consider when it comes to using social media marketing for real estate as opposed to direct mailers or flyers is that it is a lot cheaper. For as little at $5 bucks a day you can market to a specific demographic and adjust your strategy every single day to try to get better results. The analytics are much more helpful than sending out flyers, as you could spend $2000 on mailers and have no way of knowing why they did or did not work to bring you in business.

Social media marketing is much less risk than mailing postcards because you have so much more control. If you are getting no engagement, you can adjust your design or adjust who sees your advertising.

Keep listening for tips on how to add value to the people around you, target the people you want to target, and ultimately get more bang for your buck when it comes to social media marketing for real estate.

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