Are you a passionate person? Are you passionate about what you do? Something you maybe you haven’t thought about it is that a lot of people are NOT passionate about their job. And it’s because they have to do it to pay their bills. Here Jordan Stanley Payne, co-founder of The Kingdom Real Estate discusses why having passion and making money kind of go hand in hand.

Buckle up, everyone, this is all about mindset.

The beginning of this podcast starts with Jordan saying that the reason you are not flourishing and making money is because what you are doing is not fulfilling. If the only reason you go to work in the morning is that you have to, you will not thrive. You will not find success.

Here’s a caveat. Does Jordan care about real estate? Is he passionate about it? Absolutely not. BUT, he is passionate about helping people, and he uses real estate as a tool to fuel that passion. He cares about PEOPLE, which is why he focuses on people in his real estate business.

This drive crosses over into all of his businesses, whether it’s selling real estate, being a landlord, as a consultant, as a mentor, as a teacher, as an event planner – his focus is helping others.

Get your focus straight. Find your motivation. You don’t have to love exactly what you do, but you better find something you love about it. This is exactly how passion and making money go hand in hand.

If you hate what you do, you will NOT grow. If you’re consistent in what you’re passionate about, you will find so many opportunities to grow.

Jordan stays fired up and passionate because he believes that is how he brings people to him. He uses his social media platforms as his website and brand. Do you think if he was constantly complaining on his Facebook page, he would have a successful business?

Listen to the above short podcast and get fired about finding your passion and making money so that your business and financial life will grow.

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