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Watch What The KRE 3.0 Grads Are Saying:

I’m going to make a bold assumption, you are reading this because you are NOT where you want to be yet.

Let’s start with a question…

Are you a little bit upset?

Reading all the stories about how everyone else appears to be succeeding in real estate while you are still not “there yet”?

Does a small piece of your soul die every time you get stressed out about money while constantly checking your bank app to make sure your purchase won’t bounce?

Do you feel that pinch of jealousy watching people online taking the Exotic vacations that you believe YOU deserve, while you are stuck at home racking your brain about how to pay your upcoming mortgage?

You may even be researching, studying, asking questions online, purchasing books and courses and your still not there yet.

If you can relate to any of this…

Then I hope you take five more minutes and continue to read this. The information here could radically change your future.

The Kingdom lives and breath’s Financial Freedom and has some of the gurus shaking in their boots. Why?

Over the past 2 years we have written one of the top 10 best selling real estate books online. If you can’t wholesale after this - I’ve got nothing for you.

We host some of the fastest growing podcasts in the real estate niche: CashFlowGuys and Multi Family Mafia.

We have worked with over a thousand students and have seen hundreds of people become financially FREE based on the methods we teach.

Our members have done well over 7 figures in deals in a short period of time and have acquired hundreds of rental units using NONE of their own money.

We’ve literally accomplished what few have been able to.

But…. Unfortunately we didn’t start here. In fact none of us were born with a silver spoon in our mouths and surely none of our members did either. We all started with next to nothing. We weren’t bankable, we didn’t have good credit, we didn’t have mommy and daddy’s money.

My car Got Repo’d…..Twice

Taylor Peugh has been a mentor in The Kingdom since day 1 but his journey was a rocky road at best.

Once he realized he needed to make a radical change he began searching for answers.

Yes he could get a job but that never really seemed to fit.

Working 40+ years of his life to “maybe” be able to retire with a 401k…IF the stock market hadn’t crashed and inflation didn’t continue to rise…. What could possibly go wrong?

Taylor knew virtually nothing about real estate other than it provided a lifestyle and OPTIONS that he currently didn’t have.

With no money, education or experience he dove in head first…


Taylor’s TRUE story was one of struggle when he first started out.

While trying to get financially free He was laid off three times, twice by the same company in a week and a half directly followed by his car getting repossessed.

"I’ll never forget the day that my car got repo’d in front of the property we were working at. In fact, my mentor was standing right next to me when they took my car"

Taylor Peugh


It got worse….

It wasn’t very long until his car got repo’d again.

Quick Tip - Take a picture if this ever happens to you. As painful as it is you will never forget this. A picture is motivation and a way to remember how far you’ve come.

This was one of the lowest points in his life and it would have been easy to quit. Nobody would have blamed him for trying something else out..

I got sold on a pipe dream

Todd started his journey the traditional way. After realizing he was a terrible employee and walking out of his corporate job, he began searching for the truth.

Maybe you can relate to that.

He went after the dollar signs and began trading stocks. In theory it was a great idea….until he couldn’t even afford to buy a sandwich.

He remembered thinking there has to be a better way, and real estate, at the time, was popular.

"I’ll just become a real estate agent and make all sorts of money."

They never tell you the time commitment and the cost it takes to get a license, and the certainly fail to tell you that they take a huge portion of your listings.

After months of trying to make it work, and spending almost all the money he had Todd was left with $11.00 to his name. Two choices, figure it out or go back to a job.

Each one of us had an “Ah Ha” moment that forced us to reinvent ourselves and the way we did business.

In the real estate world today there’s hundreds of webinars, seminars, programs and courses that show you the highlight reel. The big checks, the yachts and the mansions. They glorify the deal but rarely talk about how to get free. Yes, you know how to wholesale a house (in theory) but that’s not really freedom is it? You now have to do it again…

I hope you don’t find this is cliche, each of us had to start over in a sense.

We had to re-work the way we operated.

» The way we thought

» The information we consumed

» Our approach to business and real estate

» Our understanding of assets and liabilities

We had to completely re-learn most of the information we thought we knew.

We were fed up!

We were at many times flat out pissed that we hadn’t achieved what we knew was possible.

Although we have separate stories, Three lessons were learned and implemented that allowed us to get financially FREE. 100% with Passive Income for generations. Once we understood and implemented these three strategies each of us were able to get out of the rat race.

Are you ready for our three lessons?

Careful, these can radically change your life…

Lesson #1: We don't have to use our own money or credit to acquire assets.

Really, all we had to “acquire” was the information needed to put deals together creatively. Once we learned this principle all the limitations became non existent. We could pursue single family homes up to multi million dollar apartment buildings. There was no limit to what we could do. This understanding of creative finance was the key to allowing us to get free. Our members who have implemented it have copied our success themselves.

Lesson #2: There is NO need to re-invent the wheel.

When we understood that real estate is one of the oldest industries and business models in the world all we had to do was seek out people who were doing what we wanted to do. Each of us aligned ourselves with a mentor, or someone willing to show us the formula. Just like in school when you were in math class, when the teacher gave you the formula the problem on the whiteboard was now possible to solve.

Lesson #3:  The only true way to financial freedom is through assets and cashflow.

When we teach, we always teach from a standpoint of true freedom rather than owning a job. Although wholesaling and fixing and flipping have their place they will never get you FREE. You have to continue wholesaling or flipping to make ends meet. When you stop, the money stops. There isn’t true freedom in that. Rather, we focus our efforts on assets and passive income. Income that pays us each month after we worked once for it.

Seems way too simple right…

If it’s THAT simple how come everyone isn’t doing it?

I think you know the answer to that already.


Once we started applying these principles we began winning. Cashflow started coming in, we began to get FREE, we began to gain momentum and really take off.

We started teaching others and showing them the strategies that WORKED. And sure enough, people started to notice.

We’ve since been featured on well over 100 interviews. We’ve spoken all over the U.S and several other countries. Acquired Millions in assets. Written books that landed in the top 10 best selling real estate and finance categories. We’ve helped hundreds of people become financially free and begin changing their lives.

I’m telling you this story because I need you to understand something.

  • I don’t care who you are.
  • I don’t care how old you are, 19 or 70.
  • I don’t care how much money you have to your name.
  • I don’t care what you are going through.
  • Your credit score means nothing to me.
  • YOU. CAN. GET. FREE! If….you make a choice to.

Be honest, do you currently:

  • Chose the restaurant and the meal based on the price, rather than what you actually want?
  • Tell White Lies to your spouse or loved ones about money so they won’t worry (as much as you)?
  • Stay up late at night watching countless youtube videos wondering what the missing link it?
  • Attend every flash in the pan real estate seminar that rolls through town?
  • Creep the profiles of successful people online hoping they will drop some information that will help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

TRUST ME, I get it.

I’ve done all of those myself.

Once more, I believe you are reading this because you are not where you want to be yet. You need help!

  • You’ve purchased courses before that didn’t work
  • You are frustrated because you should be doing deals by now
  • Your job makes it difficult to balance family life, work AND real estate
  • You miss your kids and get the guilt trip from your spouse about never being around yet you have to do something to make ends meet
  • You don’t know why, but you keep getting stuck after a few months
  • You’ve read our success stories and it BOTHERS YOU that you aren’t a success story yourself
  • Your wife / husband keeps Nagging and wondering why you are still trying this rather than moving on
  • Co workers tease you about that “real estate scam”
  • You keep hearing how it’s impossible to make money in REI and you are starting to believe that these people are right.
  • On a Daily basis you see a new guru show up out of nowhere promising you the world

Any of that striking a chord with you? If not I’ll go on.

  • You’re about broke paying for mailers and bandit signs
  • Your tires are bald from “driving for dollars” 24/7 and it would have been quicker to just drive across the country and back by now
  • Nobody really explained what all was entailed when they sold you on the idea of getting started.

We’ve heard all of it. In fact, most of us had those same statements and feelings when we started. 100% Valid. We had to deal with those same frustrations and obstacles.

So… We chose to be different and guess what, we CAN help you.

We can say that confidently because we have helped hundreds of people who had those same feelings and hangups.

We can help…

However, after mentoring close to 1,000 people in a short period of time and moderating groups with close to 20,000 members we are….to be honest with you….a bit tired of the tire kickers.

Our existing members have become our biggest fans and refer an insane amount of people to us and we just cant keep up.

Rather than attempting to reach the masses we are shifting gears. We want to work MORE with LESS people. People who are sick and tired of being broke and not achieving freedom.

The Kingdom 3.0

This style of mentorship is something we’ve never attempted to do before.

Because of that, it may not be a good fit for you…

This is an intense 6 week long transformation process we are taking a VERY small group through to become financially free and radically change their families trajectory.

Hear me on this, if your only goal is to wholesale a house and make $5,000 this is NOT going to be a good fit for you.

3.0 is Four Mentors taking the gloves off and pulling back the curtain to reveal everything we learned the HARD way over our 20+ combined years in real estate.

There is NOTHING else like this on the market.

Our members have been through all the $30,000 programs and STILL chose to be here because….it’s different. We are different.

When you decide The Kingdom 3.0 is right for you and you begin to implement these principles… this experience will likely be the single biggest mindset shift you’ve ever experienced.

You are going to get the tools you’ve been missing to make offers and solve problems in the market place that will allow you to finally get the traction you’ve been lacking. The content taught in 3.0 has allowed our members to walk into any situation, no matter the price, the city or the asset and solve problems that result in WIN/WIN deals.

Seem out of reach? It’s not. You can achieve:

  • The skills to take down multi family deals
  • The specific training to help you finally create traction
  • The results to prove to your friends and family it CAN be done
  • You really can take your spouse on the vacation you promised them years ago without GUILT
  • You can get respected and admired by all your doubters
  • You can get to the point of swipe your card without checking the balance or being worried about over-drafting

Here's How it Works

During your six weeks with us you will be learning from 4 mentors.

Each week you are going to meet with us twice, LIVE using video conferencing. (yes, you get to meet us rather than just get a pdf)

Between our meetings you are going to receive the training ahead of time so you can devour it before meeting with us.

You will be added to our personalized workspace with the mentors and other 3.0 members so you can interact, learn and grow the whole time in a structured way.

All of our content and our meetings are recorded so you will never miss a session. You can consume it on your own time You will have action guides that you can take with you so the principle become second nature.

As a 3.0 student you will be able to download the content and access it for LIFE no matter how much we increase the price in the future. As a graduate you own the content that we provided.

"I have learned more about real estate investing in the month I’ve been part of the family than I have in ages! Every time anyone asks a question, they quickly get an answer or are guided to the resources they need. No hard sell to upgrade. No pressure. Only encouragement to be the best version of yourself possible. I’m so glad I jumped in!"

Terri Nason Pour-Rastegar

"I'm going to keep this short. If you're interested in Real estate investing this is the place to be! Awesome group of people that will answer any questions you have and give you a kick in the ass to make sure you're making progress!"

L Carl VanHorn

How Much Is It?

As I’m sure you have guessed, 3.0 is not some cheap e-book. It’s not a webinar. Hell, it’s not even a course…

If you just wanted to know how to do a one and done deal you can YouTube that. There are cheap e-books and twenty dollar programs everywhere. Many have gone that route and get exactly what they pay for and continuously regret not stepping out of their comfort zone and becoming free. You can find these folks in most real estate Facebook groups complaining…

The Kingdom 3.0 is a transformational, well thought out process that we designed based on our experiences mentoring. We LISTENED and crafted this experience specifically for you.

This is over 20 years of experience, failures, mistakes, wins and revelations from 5 successful individuals who have been in the trenches.

This is about setting you free and giving you the tools and the confidence to change your life. These mentors are dedicating six weeks of their time to stand beside you while you learn and grow.

The Kingdom 3.0 isn’t going to cost you $30,000. After all, you can buy 3 houses in Ohio for that amount.

The Kingdom 3.0 isn’t going to cost you even $20,000. Twenty grand is a nice downpayment on a multi family property.

The Kingdom isn’t going to cost you $10,000 or even $5,000. That’s more than I put up on my 14 unit deal.

If you invest in yourself today, and make a decision that Enough is Enough, and you are ready to work with us the cost is $3,500.

Yep, that’s it.

It’s only $3,500 because we want you to be able to afford the tools you need to get out of the rat race.

Simply put, if you go through this process with us and take the steps we teach, you can get financially free. In fact, I’ve never seen anyone implement this and NOT begin to radically change their life.

Take Action Before You Miss This Round

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We are so confident that The Kingdom 3.0 is right for you we will honor

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Come meet the mentors, ask questions, interact and grow with us. We offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with the content and the training we will refund your payment within 30 days of signing up

Why the crazy guarantee?

Because nobody else is willing to do that for their customers.

Just a heads up

We WILL be raising the price very soon. We believe this training is unlike any other out there. We are constantly improving our content and offers to be the best option for anyone wanting to win.

With that being said, we are well aware that the industry standard is $10,000 - $30,000 for this type of engagement from mentors and, although we never want to be at that price point, we do feel like the current price is ridiculously cheap.


The Kingdom has always been unique because we created a family and not a course. Our family consists of hundreds of members who are insanely active. These folks meet up all over the U.S to spend time with each-other, encourage, challenge, test, bless and speak into each others lives. It wouldn’t be fair for us to offer a 6 week taste with just the mentors without introducing you to the family. AFTER the 6 week’s with us we are going to invite you into our family online. As a bonus we want to let you meet these folks, network, learn from them and their experience. Here you will have continued education each week with not only the mentors but the rest of the family.

We are excited to offer you 30 days here at no cost so you can experience what all the hype is about.


We are going to offer you a discount on our In Person meet-up. Like I said we are a family, and it wouldn’t be fair for you to meet these person virtually without coming and spending 4-6 days with us in person. Once a quarter we rent out mansions on the coast and invite 20-40 members to come stay at the house with the 5 mentors. We eat together, encourage each other, play in the ocean, network and have insanely powerful breakout sessions. As a 3.0 graduate you will be invited to our next event and offered a discount!

Can’t make the next one? That’s ok we do them each quarter.

Take Action Before You Miss This Round

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I have one more thing to add.

You may not like this much. That’s ok. I’m 100% honest with anyone who will listen to me. There’s too much fluff out there… here’s the truth

Gut check

You are not where you want to be NOW because you have not taken the steps needed (for whatever reason).

You can continue going deeper down the rabbit hole in debt as your passion and flame dies out.

You can continue to just do “ok”, but you won’t be fully enjoying life because you know damn well you deserve more.

You can continue the rat race, constantly stressing about money and retirement while being forced to continue to show up at your job.

You can be pissed off at yourself for not pulling the trigger when opportunities come up because you just “can’t afford it”.

All of those could be true, But WHY? You can change all of that.

That was a bit of a slap in the face….

The truth is I said all of that because that was me a few years ago. A brutal, continuous cycle that always left me stressed out, frustrated, depressed and broke. I needed a slap in the face and maybe you do too.

I truly believe that anyone can get free and I’m not willing to allow you to be mediocre. You’re better than that and you deserve more. Your family deserves more.

Take Action Before You Miss This Round

Buy Now and Reserve Your Spot ▹

Ok folks, that’s all I have. If you’ve read this you’ve heard our story and you know what you need to do if you are not happy with your current situation. If you are in, I’m excited to start this journey with you.

To your Freedom!

The Kingdom Mentors.

P.S If you skipped all of that and scrolled to the bottom just to see what the price was it’s $3,500 for 6 weeks with our 5 mentors. We are meeting several times a week and providing training and actionable steps the whole time. The bonus was a month in our community for free and a discount on our next live event! Click the button above if you are ready to roll.